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My Bikerpoëtry. Thoughts, ideas, memories and a piece of my life. In English. Not all of it, I an a Dutchman after all. But… enjoy!


Wandering thoughts. (Alex Meijer, 28-8-1986 – 28-02-2020)

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Voor mijn kleindochter Ember, die in Bartlesville Oklahoma (USA) op 6 maart geboren zal worden. En die zonder Nederlandse opa zal opgroeien.

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Nothing to lose but paradise.

dont hurt the children


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The cursed highway

On the cursed highway
I wandered
with the worlds Black Sheep
on every cursed highway.
Found friends and blood brothers,
drunk with Rogues.
In bars along the byway

Fought with Demons
Saw Angels in Hell,
sometimes Hell in Angels
Met Veterans in restaurants
found Allies  on the road.
Tasted all the dangers

Forged in steel, leather and chrome
Horizons to conquer
Living life from day to day
‘till there is nothing more to see

Than my friend, eternity!
On the cursed highway

© Hobo

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Fuck ’n Roll

Endless road before me.
Traffic signs and white lines
pass in the corners of my eyes
A vulture circles in heaven
hunting for prey.

Beside me rides my shadow
on his way to the horizon.
Hangover in my saddlebags
1600 cc bang a monotone beat
in my head

Was my breakfast
blond or red this morning?
Naked memories
bounce tattoos, piercings, beer and beat
in my brain.

I still feels her fingernails in my back.
The wind whispers
moaning through my head.

My balls are empty
For today…

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